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Christin's Holistic massage is a mobile service offering reflexology and holistic massage.

Retirement villages, hospitals, offices and homes visited to name but a few.

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What is massage?

Massage is the use of hands, or mechanical means to manipulate soft tissue of the body particularly the muscles. It can be used for relaxation, stimulation  or rehabilation of the whole body or part of it. It promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress. Massage is a safe non threating, non-invasive and natural therapy

Main benefits

Soothing-  75% of disease is thought to be caused by stress. Massage reduces stress and improves health. It relaxes all the systems which either shut down or speed up when stressed. This helps with stress related conditions such as insomnia, headaches, backache and constipation. 

Touch-this is one of the most neglected senses. It is comforting and aids the body in relaxation.

Boosts self esteem.

Aids comfort to the lonely or bereaved. 

Comforting-touch is natural. People of all ages use touch to gain a sense of security and well-being and consequently massage has phycoloigical as well as physiological benefits.

Massage is stimulating and therefore gives improved circulation, aids digestion, waste removal, neural communication, invigorates and relaxes muscle therefore preventing spams and stiffness. 

It speeds up skin desquamation and promotes cell regeneration.

Gives increased energy. 

It relieves endorphins and pain relieving happy hormones.

Instinctive, when we knock or hurt ourselves we often rub or touch the affected place. Massage is an extension of this natural and instinctive method of soothing aches and pains

Massage for restoring Health

Massage is a very useful part of rehabilitation treatment after illness. Indeed it has been used for this purpose for thousands of years  ever since the ancient Chinese used massage for maintaining health. It helps to restore fitness and sense of well being. Illness weakens the mind and body. It often causes anxiety and insecurity, they themselves lead to stress and stress related illness. 

Long periods spent convalescing in bed can cause poor circulation, constipation, loss of muscle tone, stiff and sore joints and dull congested skin. 

On a physiological level massage invigorates the bodies systems which may have become sluggish or congested. Stimulating poor circulation, boosting immunity and helping the removal of waste from the body. Helping muscle recover their flexibility and strength. Phychologiclly massage can help the client to feel less anxious about their health and regain a sense of well-being. 

All treatments should be approved by a GP particularly after surgery.

Massage History

Massage has a long history and has been recorded from china since 3000 BC. They called it Amma The Japanese also used Amma and stub shiatsu. India has also been renowned for massage known as Ayurvedic from Sanskrit ayer, meaning life and veda, meaning knowledge. The Greeks in the fifth century had a physician Heroficus who believed all doctors should perform massage. The Romans had Roman baths which are the closest to todays Turkish baths and were also great advocates in the belief of massage and its health benefits. All of these countries both in the past and the present are renowned for their holistic or whole body mind and sprint approach to medicine.

Sweedish Oil Massage 

Modern Massage is based on techniques developed by Per Henrick Ling (1776-1839) a physiologist and fencing master. He was from Sweden and massage is still reffered to as Swedish massage because of his influence. In the 18th centuries having studied in China he developed symptoms of movements which were found helpful for improving health and physical condition. This is known as the ling systems. It was first recognized in Sweden in 1813 by the Swedish central institute of gymnastics and government and subsequently around the world. In 1838 the Swedish ling opened in London and there are now similar institutions in other countries.

Massage Now

Massage has become a reputable and recognized therapy, thanks to increased awareness and interest in complementary therapies and alternative medicine. Many systems and methods exist but Swedish massage remains the basis for most practices. It can be used alone or in a combination with other treatments and is a central part of therapies such as physiotherapy, stress management and aromatherapy. Massage is beneficial to all body systems and is a natural and effective way to treat physical conditions


...is a main contributor to many illnesses. Read more about managing Stress:

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